les goûts d'avant - juice

Bottled but not tamed!


There were four producers of organic fruit and vegetables who associated to start a beautiful adventure! Their goal is to transform in a traditional way their fruits and vegetables in to delicious juices, nectars and soups. Their orchards and fields are situated in an exceptionally zone between sea and mountains with 300 days of sunshine a year, resulting in very tasteful fruits and vegetables. The preservation of this unique Catalan terroir by respecting the environment is of primordial importance to them. Fruits and vegetables grown with love and with correct prices for the pleasure of young and old!

fruit With a slice of lemon, orange, lime, mint leaves and ice cubes they become surprising cocktails.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION:   les goûts d'avant – office@koro.fr   +33 (0)6 25 84 16 63